1. KANBAN system:

KANBAN system, it includes more than just a consistency between the systems, production scheduling, procurement, where the stock is reduced to a minimum, through the production line including supply of materials needed only when needed. 
The idea of ??KANBAN mainly on the system drag-pull system, not payment push system, that the work place or station-intensive manufacturing of materials, pieces and parts, is required from the station before providing them with specific amounts of material or pieces required, in order to avoid storage, and the accumulation of these pieces and parts and accumulation in the workplace. 
Customer benefit: 
Cost reduction
Warehouse optimization
Productivity improvement
Supply Chain management integration 
Goods always available (no production stop) 
2. Ability to supply any special requirements through our head office in Germany especially that we have technical support there

3. Commissioning & Installation Services:
EFTA EGYPT is able to carry out commissioning, service and installation of all types of burners, boilers. We recognize that it is important to install commission and maintain combustion equipment correctly in order to get the best performance from it and maintain its safe operation at all times.
If you are looking to replace or achieve optimum performance from an existing combustion system we can advise on the most cost effective method to enhance output, reduce emissions and minimize fuel consumption.
We offer tailor-made service contracts to ensure that your equipment will produce the highest yield and best quality possible at all times.
When it comes to installation we take our responsibility and your reputation very seriously.
EFTA Egypt staff is aware of the international codes and standards, Industrial Safety, with high technical and personal skills.